Stop Bill Collectors

One of the worst things about having financial problems is harassing creditors and collection agencies. They call constantly. They bother you at work. They call your relatives. They don’t always tell you the truth. It is not easy to escape aggressive bill collectors.

Don’t put up with threats and intimidation, FIGHT BACK!!

Indiana bankruptcy attorney, Lloyd Koehler, is able to get creditors to stop harassing you by filing for bankruptcy under Chapter 13 or Chapter 7 of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code. Once you have filed a bankruptcy petition, all efforts to collect from you must stop. If creditors continue to contact you illegally they are in violation of the stay order, you can take them to court for contempt. To learn more, contact us at (812) 727-5806

How we stop creditor harassment

Koehler Law Office only files consumer bankruptcy filings. We don’t work for businesses or represent companies who are trying to collect. Indiana bankruptcy attorney Lloyd Koehler, applies his expertise to the bankruptcy law to help stop creditor harassment. Filing a bankruptcy case will stop bill collectors immediately while we work together to extinguish your debts permanently. No money up front can get your case filed when necessary.

Why call us?

Lloyd Koehler will make sure that our fees are not making your debt worse. We know the extent of your financial problems and Koehler Law Office can file a case for $0.00 down then you pay a monthly plan payment. Quickly file a case to stop garnishments, repossessions, bank account protection and law suits. No law firm in Southern Indiana District has a lower down payment for filing bankruptcy.

We like to keep it simple for you.

We offer free credit reports. We also ensure that you receive required credit counseling. We complete all paperwork for you and attend all hearings. We take the pressure off.

Take charge of your financial situation

If you are overwhelmed by debt and are being harassed by creditors, consider filing bankruptcy. Our law firm has helped thousands of people stop receiving threatening letters and intimidating phone calls. It is a real option for many people who have been unable to reach a settlement with creditors by themselves. Contact our one of our Indiana offices today at (812) 727-5806 . Learn how we can help.

It costs you nothing to talk with us.

We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.

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